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Classes take place via SKYPE. 

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Spoken English via Skype

Learn to speak in English confidently. This course is for all purposes and can help you with business, job, interview, school or even chat with your friends and family and impress them.


Your future is important. A good test score can help you get ahead of competition. 1 on 1 classes can help you answer any questions or problems in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening questions.

British/American Accent Development via Skype

Lean to speak in the British/American way of speaking English. Learn from authentic speakers of the language. Use these skills in your workplace. 

SCHOOL English Classes via Skype

Need help with grammar, writing an essay, novels,   vocabulary, or plays at school? Sign up with the qualified school teachers to help you excel in class. 

Step 1:

Book a free demo on the website or on our Facebook Page.

Step 2:

Install Skype and add the SKYPE ACCOUNT: shama.kalam.siddiqui

Step 3:

Log into Skype on the scheduled time and book a call with the trainer. Make sure you have a working mic and headphones

Step 4:

Benefit from the best English tutors from the comfort of your home. Save time and money.

Attain quick results using Skype Tutors

Enjoy the results you want while avoiding unnecessary hassles.

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